"The works of Pierre CHERBIT, this great master of French contemporary painting, take us wonderfully into another dimension of life ".

Art professor (Chiba, Japon)
January 2002

"The flames of the face, the praise of the woman, the n-dimensions color - this is the glitter of the universe which tears Pierre Cherbit's painting"

Jean-Pierre FAYE
Philosopher  and writer
Professor of philosophy at  Sorbonne University
Research officer at CNRS  (Philosophy)
President of the European University  for research
(Paris, France)

"The plentiful works of Pierre Cherbit display the sacred forces of the universe as much as his love of life.
I am fascinated by the spiritual power of his  portraits which transfigure the human condition into  the nobility of the sacred.
I am very moved also by the translucency  which draws near the smoothness of fruits that he   glorifies like embodiments of nature.
I furthermore notice that his vision of cracklings and  the glare of the fire in one of his paintings  (Feu) overwhelms that of Turner: a fire appears to me as destructive with Turner wherease with Cherbit it symbolizes for me the eternal joy of living.
At last, vibrations and blazings of his divinatory colors (Prussian blue, eastern red, fruty yellow, holy purple...) are a delight for the soul."

Micheline SARAZIN
French contemporary painter and art theorist(Antony, France).
15th of May 2002

"The works of  Pierre CHERBIT root us into reality and brings one to what is the most human inside us."

Prof. Hédi  BOURAOUI
Member of Academy of Arts and Human Sciences  of the Royal society of  CANADA. (Toronto, Canada)


In  a letter dated 26th of November 2001, Mr President of France Jacques Chirac, put the stress on the strength and the originality of the works of Pierre Cherbit".

In  a new message dated 18th September 2003, President Chirac  renewed the expression of his interest for the process of creation of Pierre Cherbit which gives: "an unrivalled expression strength to the color".

In his letter of 11th of december 2003  Mr Christophe Girard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of  culture had sent his congratulations to Mr Pierre Cherbit for his silver medal awarded by 'Société d'encouragement au Progrès' and paid hommage to his great artistic talent.".

"With  Picasso, Miró, Dali, Chagall, color is used  as a material ornemental medium, whereas  with Cherbit it is expressed as life itself  . That is why Cherbit always revolts against  everything that is ordinary and artificial in so-called  "art" which has been offending the horizons of the   world for almost a century, thus creating the complete confusion between art in true meaning,  caracterized by its sacred and unfailing verb : to give, and the handycraft of which  pertains the verb to make that can be used  by everyone ...
One day, Cherbit did confess to me with assurance : "The life of art goes through the  harmonious life of colors and words !"

Art critic, poet (Paris)
20th January 2002. Presentation of  the works of Pierre Cherbit to a group of  representatives of Japanese art companies, in Paris


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